Humanitarian flights to Canada

OPEN ARMS, SOLIDAIRE and INTEGRALIA DKV FOUNDATION organize humanitarian flights from Warsaw to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

To date, thanks to these flights, more than 1800 people from Ukraine have been able to flee the war and start a new life in a place of safety.


To travel on our humanitarian flight, for people fleeing from Ukraine, to CANADA you must meet the following requirements:

Who can apply?
• Ukrainian nationals
• family members of Ukrainian nationals (can be any nationality)

Family members are defined as:

• the spouse or common-law partner of a Ukrainian national
• their dependent child
• the dependent child of their spouse / common-law partner or
• a dependent child of their dependent child

Other requirements:
• Valid passport
CUAET VISA approved
• Complete COVID vaccination or a valid covid test done before the trip.
- if you need to be tested, we will organize it for the date of the trip.
-People who are unvaccinated, a 14-day quarantine plan will be supported by the Saskatchewan government.
• Download and complete your travel information in ArriveCan 72 hours before arriving to Canada.
• To be in Varsovia, Poland, the day before the trip.
• Pets: vaccination for rabies. All animals, regardless of age, species and weight, travel exclusively in the luggage compartment in a rigid plastic carrier. If you do not have such a carrier, you will be provided with one, please indicate this in the registration form.

Note: We don’t take unaccompanied minors.


Departure city: Varsovia

Destination: Saskatchewan, Canada

Date: August, 10th


Once you have read the information, if you meet all the requirements and you are interested in traveling on our next flight, you must formalize your reservation through our form.

After booking, we will contact you for confirmation and to give you more details about the flight.

Complete your registration in this:



Travelers to Canada

The campaign to welcome refugees from Ukraine in Canada of Open Arms, Solidaire and Fundación Integralia DKV is fully coordinated with the government of Saskatchewan. The volunteer team of Open Arms and Fundación Integralia provides support to everyone on this flight from the moment you have expressed your interest in flying to Canada. We provide information and logistics for you to arrive in the country. Below we describe the conditions of arrival in Canada, depending on the type of traveler:

- The flight will arrive to Saskatchewan.
- Your family or friends can come and pick you up at the temporary accommodation site. We can also offer free accommodation for the first days while we help you get the services you may need: bank accounts, schooling, transition funding, etc. and then your family or friends can pick you up.
We can also offer free accommodation for the first days while we help you get the services you may need: bank accounts, schooling, transition funding, etc. and then your family or friends can pick you up.
- The trip from Saskatchewan to your final destination (where your family or friends live) will be at your own expense.

- People who don’t have family / friends contacts who can host them in Canada, at your arrival to the airport of Regina, the government of Saskatchewan will welcome you and help you get housing, bank accounts, employment, schooling, transition funding, etc.


We know that you may have many questions about our flight, for that reason we have compiled the most frequently asked ones in a single document. We ask you to read them carefully before using any of our contact channels.



You can check some of the services available for Ukrainians (and their family members) traveling to Saskatchewan on this link.


By Flaticon

“Here in Spain, we have met a lot of good people, who helped us with the housing. Some of the people who travelled with us, are already working. Local people coordinate tours for us. My kid is going to school. He is really happy. Thanks” 💛💙

Traveller of a humanitarian flight to Spain

By Flaticon

“Thanks to the organizations and to all the team for this chance you got us. We are alive thanks to your help!

Traveller of a humanitarian flight to Spain

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